Daphne Ellman


My artistic journey began back with my love of the natural world by painting the birds and small mammals of the hedgerow, but just as a hedgerow itself was important to the wildlife it also became so in my painting. I began to look more closely at the plants. I became fascinated with their colour and texture and movement. This led me to the garden and more variety. I also begun to look at the bigger picture, the landscape that supported the hedgerow the villages and buildings finding old doorways and windows fascinating. I also discovered farms (and the animals that accompany them) and dilapidation, which really gets me excited - all those textures!

My journey continued on a different tack when I recently moved to the Isle of Wight. Now I have the most wonderful vistas full of moving water but also the textures of the worn diftwood and rocks and a whole new bunch of birds to explore. The new experiences have influenced my colour palette and made me look with a new eye. I have at times become more contemporary in my execution enjoying the challenges of design and working acrylic paint in its extremes of either thick application or very thin according to the effect I require I also enjoy using textures and other media such as inks, watercolour and pencils. I have not adandoned my previous influences quite the reverse in fact but I now look at them afresh with a different approach.